Avio Bologna Bundle


  • THE CITY IN YOUR BAG – There’s so many things to do riding through the city. If you still have many to do, here’s the bundle for you.
  • HARDCORE FLEXIBILITY – For us possibilities are like oxygen: you just can’t keep them out. Avio brings this concept to the extreme. It was not enough to make it strong, waterproof, expandable up to 27 liters, and modular, we also had to make it convertible. Here there are possibilities, the choice is up to you.
  • NOT A SIMPLE BELT – The xBelt is not a simple Belt. Its modular 40mm MOLLE system allows you to add external accessories, improving functionality and load capacity, to make the city yours.
  • FULL CONTROL, WITH ONE HAND – The Loader 5.5″ modular pocket attachable to xBelt and Avio through the 40mm MOLLE system can contain even some of the widest smartphone on the market, like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus and iPhone 11 Max Pro.
  • NO-LOOK LOCK – The automatic fasteners by Fidlock provides a very quick plug each time you want to connect the xBelt. ‘Cos details makes perfection, but perfection is not a detail.
  • NO-MORE REPRODUCED – Each Avio M.A.B. has a unique serial number that won’t be reproduced anymore. Each bag comes with a Certificate of authenticity, and it’s fully handmade in Italy.
Bologna Bundle Loader Size

Loader 5", Loader 5.5''


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